Cassie Harte grew up in the South of England and moved to Wales where she now lives. She has written all of her life, articles, short stories and poetry.

Shortly after arriving in her adopted country, she decided to write her life story under the title I DID TELL I DID.

Although it was very hard and traumatic, she also found it therapeutic. After approaching several agents with no luck, she sent the manuscript to Harper Collins' Carole Tonkinson who rang her the same day.

Within a few short weeks, Harper Collins had bought the book and the rest is history.

I DID TELL I DID became the Number One Best Seller in the non-fiction lists in the winter of 2009.

Cassie retrained as a Psychotherapist and has a private practice in her local town, often working with issues of abuse.

She currently lives on a smallholding with her husband, her daughter and numerous animals. A great deal of her time when not working is involved with the local wildlife. She has a home for wintering hedgehogs, often has injured wildlife to help care for, brought home mostly by her daughter.

To contact Cassie, e-mail her on: